December 26, 2014

Getting it together

A month ago I wasn't happy with my new four songs. Now it's the other way around. They're quite nice!

The four songs sum up the fall of 2014. It's massive and straightforward yet wistful and serene. I really want to get this thing done - a metal album with poppy and atmospheric elements. Composing progress is almost complete. One song needs an end and that's it. Mixing & Mastering is the thing that requires a lot of time.

All songs have a little theme in them but I still haven't come up with names for them. Cover art sketch is also ready but the final picture is yet to be done.

Follow the project on Twitter and Instagram. (Btw, I just bought new speakers. Check 'em out on Instagram!)


Jaakko, the singer & guitarist of my band, Trauma Field, made an awesome Christmas song and I got to be part of the making process. I mixed and mastered the song. Listen to it on SoundCloud:

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