August 22, 2014

Greetings from the studio

I've managed to get the two songs done almost completely but I still have two to go. The "Logic" folder on my Mac is full of intros, riffs and melodies and it's hard to decide if any of them will end up to the upcoming EP. At least all these ideas help me to see the big picture - What this EP is about and how I want it to sound like.

Although the metal EP isn't even close to being ready, I've already started to think about the future albums. Songwriting would be easier and much more fun if I had lyrics to write on. The future in mind, I try to write more lyrics and get my friends to sing them. The genre for the next album has not been decided yet but I've got some ideas for power metal, black metal, acoustic rock, covers and again, symphonic rock/metal.

Let's see how the EP I'm currently working on is going to turn out and what kind of music I'll make in winter.

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