July 23, 2014

Logic Pro X bug

Greetings from Ylöjärvi! I'm at my parents place so I can't record anything but I do try to mix my songs a bit.

I ran into a weird bug in Logic Pro X when I opened one of my songs in it. All tracks with fade in/out effects were acting really weird! They repeated little parts of random tracks in random order. When I muted all the tracks except one with a fade effect, it repeated parts of other tracks even if the other tracks were muted!

Thank goodness I found a simple (but annoying) fix for it! I needed to delete the fades and import them again. You can imagine how annoying it was since the song has 50 tracks in it and almost half of them had fades. Other songs haven't had this problem (yet!) so it's not a big deal. Hopefully this will never happen again. 

I guess Logic would like me to use more automations instead of fade effects? Anyways, this shouldn't happen.

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