June 12, 2014

This is Project Oblivion

I've published music under my own name for years now. It's been mostly random songs on YouTube, SoundCloud or somewhere else on the Internet. This will change now.

I feel my real name isn't fancy enough, so I've been searching for more artistic pseudonym for my production. It took some time (a small eternity really) to get all the equipment I wanted for so long. Now with the right gear and software I can finally produce my songs in high quality, the way they were meant to be.

 With all this I started a project called Project Oblivion. This project of mine is really a music journey to discover myself as a musician. Haha, sounds a bit cliché doesn't it! But that's what it is - a journey where I experiment and toy with different kind of sounds and genres. There will be orchestral music, rock, pop, metal... who knows what else!

I've already published my first album, also named Project Oblivion. It's an orchestral album, like a score of a movie. After publishing the album I decided to keep "Project Oblivion" as the name of my solo project. It fits the nature of my project.

On my next escapade I will find myself playing with symphonic rock. My next text will be all about it so stay tuned. Also you can follow me on Twitter!

"Nearly two thousand years ago mankind was forced to leave their home after the earth was destroyed due to..."

Check out Project Oblivion on SoundCloud!:

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