December 26, 2014

Getting it together

A month ago I wasn't happy with my new four songs. Now it's the other way around. They're quite nice!

The four songs sum up the fall of 2014. It's massive and straightforward yet wistful and serene. I really want to get this thing done - a metal album with poppy and atmospheric elements. Composing progress is almost complete. One song needs an end and that's it. Mixing & Mastering is the thing that requires a lot of time.

All songs have a little theme in them but I still haven't come up with names for them. Cover art sketch is also ready but the final picture is yet to be done.

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Jaakko, the singer & guitarist of my band, Trauma Field, made an awesome Christmas song and I got to be part of the making process. I mixed and mastered the song. Listen to it on SoundCloud:

November 9, 2014

Candles, juice, metal

The project is very late from its original deadline. That's actually quite OK with me. I just want to make a solid 4 song EP.

There's a lot of snow in Finland already. Hot juice and candles lighten up the dark afternoons:

Interesting new instrumental coming up. Japanese Koto as the main instrument - at least in the intro part. Let's see what happens to the song..

September 6, 2014

The final song

I said the EP will be symphonic rock and metal but I'd leave the word "symphonic" out of it now. There are a lot of keys, strings and some orchestral elements but still... It's rock and metal with pop and orchestral elements.

I've got one more song to make. After that there's a lot of mixing, re-recording and other stuff to be done. The final song is going to be the third track on the album and it will also be the heaviest one. I might ask Jaakko from Trauma Field to do the vocals to this one. Let's see how the composing part goes.

I'm way behind schedule. Trauma Field has some kick-ass live shows coming up and I've had to concentrate on them. My residential situation is also going change. I got a job from Tampere and I will move there for four months. I still have the apartment here in Jyväskylä, where my home studio is, though. So there's a lot of stuff going on.

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August 22, 2014

Greetings from the studio

I've managed to get the two songs done almost completely but I still have two to go. The "Logic" folder on my Mac is full of intros, riffs and melodies and it's hard to decide if any of them will end up to the upcoming EP. At least all these ideas help me to see the big picture - What this EP is about and how I want it to sound like.

Although the metal EP isn't even close to being ready, I've already started to think about the future albums. Songwriting would be easier and much more fun if I had lyrics to write on. The future in mind, I try to write more lyrics and get my friends to sing them. The genre for the next album has not been decided yet but I've got some ideas for power metal, black metal, acoustic rock, covers and again, symphonic rock/metal.

Let's see how the EP I'm currently working on is going to turn out and what kind of music I'll make in winter.

July 24, 2014

I'm in a hurry!

My original idea was to get the symphonic rock EP ready before September. Now my goal is to get it ready by the end of September.

It's summer and I'm not always home recording music. I spend time with my family, friends and my band, Trauma Field. I still try to manage get the songs ready in time.

Here's a list of some of the things I should do:

  1. Make two songs out of thin air / use some old ideas and tweak 'em to two new songs.
  2. Re-record the song ideas
  3. Edit & mix all the four songs
  4. Listen to all the songs in different places with different speaker setups
  5. Ask some semi-pro if the mixes work
  6. Tweak the mixes if there's something wrong until they're 100% ready
  7. Make the album cover art or ask someone to make it
  8. Publish the EP on SoundCloud, BandCamp, ReverbNation, YouTube etc.
  9. Advertise it
Oh my, that's a lot of work!

July 23, 2014

Logic Pro X bug

Greetings from Ylöjärvi! I'm at my parents place so I can't record anything but I do try to mix my songs a bit.

I ran into a weird bug in Logic Pro X when I opened one of my songs in it. All tracks with fade in/out effects were acting really weird! They repeated little parts of random tracks in random order. When I muted all the tracks except one with a fade effect, it repeated parts of other tracks even if the other tracks were muted!

Thank goodness I found a simple (but annoying) fix for it! I needed to delete the fades and import them again. You can imagine how annoying it was since the song has 50 tracks in it and almost half of them had fades. Other songs haven't had this problem (yet!) so it's not a big deal. Hopefully this will never happen again. 

I guess Logic would like me to use more automations instead of fade effects? Anyways, this shouldn't happen.

July 18, 2014

Website outlook

I've been working on this site's outlook for a while now. I think it's getting there but I still got some work to do.

I added a few pages about me and my music - you can check them out below the head banner.

June 30, 2014

Symphonic rock EP is well under way!

Symphonic music has always been close to my heart. I very much enjoy the elements in orchestral pieces: the piano and synth along with the strings create magnificent atmospheres - songs larger than life.  

Project Oblivion became to be the name of this solo project along with the very first solo album, also called "Project Oblivion". The album is a seven piece sci-fi story with orchestral elements dominating through the record: the strings, the piano, brass and timpani drums. Band instruments had only a small part in the process in the end. The nature of the score / album is rather peaceful yet very intense and atmospheric. The album resembles a soundtrack as you can step into the story that lies within the music. 

My next project is going to be a bit different. It'll be more like a normal metal album. My goal is to finish four or five songs before the end of August. I have yet to decide which songs will get to the EP though I have song or two that are definitely going to be there. The process is well under way and everything is starting to come together. 

So what kind of music will there be? At the moment, I'm into instrumental music. This doesn't mean the whole EP will be instrumental. I've been thinking of featuring my mates to sing or play on few songs but this idea is still on the drawing board. I do have the resources, so if I need some specific vocals or insane guitar solos I know the people and just who to call. 

Anyways.. The EP will be a mixture of metal-ish symphonic rock with bombastic sounds and epic songs. Though it will probably be an instrumental, there will be a bit of background choirs that I'll be singing myself. There would probably be much more singing on the album if I was better at writing lyrics. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to lyric writer. I should definitely fix that..  

More updates will follow about the project later! You can follow the progress of the EP on my Twitter!

June 12, 2014

This is Project Oblivion

I've published music under my own name for years now. It's been mostly random songs on YouTube, SoundCloud or somewhere else on the Internet. This will change now.

I feel my real name isn't fancy enough, so I've been searching for more artistic pseudonym for my production. It took some time (a small eternity really) to get all the equipment I wanted for so long. Now with the right gear and software I can finally produce my songs in high quality, the way they were meant to be.

 With all this I started a project called Project Oblivion. This project of mine is really a music journey to discover myself as a musician. Haha, sounds a bit cliché doesn't it! But that's what it is - a journey where I experiment and toy with different kind of sounds and genres. There will be orchestral music, rock, pop, metal... who knows what else!

I've already published my first album, also named Project Oblivion. It's an orchestral album, like a score of a movie. After publishing the album I decided to keep "Project Oblivion" as the name of my solo project. It fits the nature of my project.

On my next escapade I will find myself playing with symphonic rock. My next text will be all about it so stay tuned. Also you can follow me on Twitter!

"Nearly two thousand years ago mankind was forced to leave their home after the earth was destroyed due to..."

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